Transforming Retail Performance with
Scalable 3D Visualization

CGTrader ARsenal - Driving Your Sales Performance with 3D Visualization

Getting your customers to actually interact with your products online is the best way to build their purchasing confidence and ensure satisfaction with your products once delivered.

That’s why today’s leading retailers turn to CGTrader ARsenal for 3D visualization. It combines the power of the world’s biggest community of 3D design professionals with today‘s most wanted 3D product experiences.

彩神8官方版With CGTrader ARsenal you offer your customers 3D visualization with 360 product view and augmented reality.

of 18-24 year olds would be more loyal to brand offerings that offer a tech-focused, interactive shopping experience

— Digital Bridge 2017


said they purchased products they didn’t plan to buy because of AR

— Interactions Consumer perience Marketing (ICEM) 2018

It's Easy

All you need to begin are simple 2D product images and basic dimensions. CGTrader does the rest – transforming your product catalog into 3D assets for immersive augmented reality and other sales-converting 3D experiences.

  • 彩神8官方版Transforming your products into valuable 3D assets is simple: all we need are product images and dimensions.
    Email basic photos or product links + dimensions to CGTrader
  • 彩神8官方版Our expert team of 3D designers creates 3D models every bit as compelling as the original products.
    CGTrader creates 3D model
    for your review
  • 彩神8官方版Your 3D models are now ready for deployment in interactive customer experiences including 3D viewers, augmented reality and lifestyle scenes.
    Comments are easily made
    with 3D Viewer
  • 彩神8官方版Any comments to your 3D models are easily made online using our 3D viewer.
    Final 3D model is delivered for multiple uses

It’s Photoreal

We’re harnessing 10 years of 3D modeling and rendering experience to make sure your products come out as enticing and accurate in 3D as they would in an expensive photoshoot.

彩神8官方版High quality 3D modeling and rendering make your products come out accurate in 3D as in an expensive photoshoot.

It’s Scalable

With CGTrader ARsenal, you’re not just getting the world’s best 3D Visualization platform, you’re also getting the 3D modeling expertise of literally thousands of professional 3D designers.

So no matter how many products you have, we can turn them into compelling 3D content – quickly and cost-effectively.

彩神8官方版The CGTrader design team assigned to your Retail 3D Visualization project will be handpicked from our vast professional 3D designer community.

How 3D Visualization
Impacts Sales Performance

When your customers interact with your products, an emotional bond is formed and they become more invested in the sales process and in your brand.

This leads to increased confidence in the purchasing decision resulting in:

  • Increased Sales Conversion

    Retailers are reporting online sales increases by as much as 60%

  • Reduced Product Returns

    Furniture retailers are reducing product returns from 5% to 1% using immersive 3D visualization

  • Greater Brand Loyalty

    Studies show that the more your customers can experience your products prior to purchase, the more positive feelings they have about your brand

  • Longer Time Onsite

    Retailers are reporting up to 4x increased on-site engagement by offering products in Augmented Reality

One 3D Model.
A World of Opportunities

When you get a 3D model of a product from CGTrader ARsenal, you get a world of sales and marketing opportunities. A 3D model of a dining room table can be used with our 360° Spin & Zoom 3D Viewer to allow your shoppers to see the table from any angle and zoom in for close-ups.

The same 3D model can appear in your customer’s dining room using Augmented Reality so they can see how the table will look and fit. The same 3D model can be used in a full 3D lifestyle scene enabling you to present the table with different chairs and different place settings. That’s the power and value of 3D Visualization with CGTrader ARsenal.

彩神8官方版Photorealistic 3D model of a dining room lifestyle scene, easily modified to change furniture configuration and colors.

CGTrader ARsenal has allowed us to accelerate the roll-out of AR with minimal effort and resources and has enabled us to present our full portfolio to customers without having to pay for expensive real estate space.

彩神8官方版Tom de Vos, Fatboy eCommerce Director

Tom de Vos,

Fatboy eCommerce Director

彩神8官方版Fatboy video

CGTrader ARsenal is the ideal solution to overcome barriers to adoption of AR and VR across our online platform. It combines the full scalability, ease of implementation and efficient 3D model delivery that we require. We’ve decided this is the right platform on which to build our AR and VR customer strategy.

彩神8官方版Juergen Schuster, Founder and CEO, Garten und Freizeit

Juergen Schuster,

Founder and CEO, Garten und Freizeit

彩神8官方版Garten&Freizeit video

At Crate and Barrel and CB2, providing the highest quality digital visualizations of our products to inspire our customers is of utmost importance. Our collaborative efforts with CGTrader help us reach our standards of photorealistic imagery, and the augmented reality assets they create enable our customers to see products anytime, anywhere. CGTrader not only shares our standards for quality, but they’ve been proactive in listening and improving their work processes with us, which is refreshing.

Geoffrey Mark,

Associate Director, CGI Strategy and Operations

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